Boise day 1

Well, I just flew in from New York and boy are my arms tired. Was picked up at the airport and taken straight to NBC affil KTVB to be on News at Noon, along with Dr. Paul Collins (seen above, with me and host Larry Gebert on set), Tom Trusky and Jim Ogle to promote the Nell Shipman events on Friday Feb 8. The segment went well and hopefully will generate some b.o. for the shows.

Tomorrow is a whirlwind: early am TV appearance, followed by a radio segment, then a presentation at a middle school in Nampa, then off to College of Idaho for a roundtable lunch with music students, and a presentation to composition students. After that I’ll get a chance to play the Robert-Morton theatre organ at the Egyptian in the afternoon. Looking forward to getting reacquainted with the instrument. That evening I’ll be at the dress rehearsal for the Boise Phil’s youth symphony, who’ll be putting finishing touches on their concert pieces and my orch scores to One Week (Keaton) and The Light on Lookout (Nell Shipman). Then I go back to where I’m staying and…will probably plotz.

Am weary right now, but am having a great time, and happy to help support these two wonderful projects. And so the silent film ‘missionary work’ continues…

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