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2008 update

Too much to go into, and am sorry I’ve not posted in a while. Lots of things going on and lots to catch up on…and not enough time to get it all in right now. I will try to update you in drips and drabs in the next couple of weeks as time pops up. So here goes, in no particular order…

A couple weeks ago a commercial for Dunkin Donuts’ new hot chocolate grabbed my attention…because one of the actresses in it is a dead ringer for Mabel Normand. See for yourself:

Thanks to the magic of YouTube and the internet…the actress in the commercial (Marina Squerciati) has gotten in touch with me. Will she be at the Feb 10 Silent Clowns Chaplin program (which includes His Trysting Place, co-starring Mabel Normand)?

Was interviewed today by a writer from the Idaho Statesman for my appearance(s) in Boise Feb 6-8. The article will appear in the paper on Sat Feb 2. Feb 6 I will be appearing at Boise area schools/universities and Feb 7 the Boise Philharmonic’s “Treasure Valley Youth Symphony” will perform my score for Keaton’s One Week and a premiere of my score for the Nell Shipman short The Light on Lookout, both commisioned by the Boise Phil. On Feb 8 I will accompany the Shipman The Grub Stake as part of a day-long series of events saluting Ms. Shipman called “Maid in Idaho”. Both shows will be at the Egyptian Theatre in Boise; I will be accompanying the Shipman featuer on the theatre’s Robert-Morton theatre organ (original installation). I will also be on local radio and TV. If I can I’ll blog from Boise and post these media pieces.

Have just scored the Fairbanks The Americano for Reelclassic DVD (on piano); this should come out next month or so, as should the Unknown Video release of Wm. S. Hart in Sand which I scored on Miditzer.

I hear Kino’s Houdini set will be out this spring; I have a digital orch score on it, for Haldane of the Secret Service. I chose this instrumentation because the transfer speed was way slow and thought an orchestral sound would help give some added/needed emotion and suspense that I wouldn’t be able to achieve with piano or organ. We’ll see…

Was at a press screening today at MoMA for a Feb 2 showing of newly restored/preserved Bert Williams films. Great to see these in beautiful 35mm prints from nitrate material — Natural Born Gambler and Fish. MoMA has created new titles for these.

Tomorrow I will accompany Safety Last (DVD projection) at the Riverdale YMHA in their newly renovated theater. I’ve been trying to get a show going there for a few years now, and the planets have recently aligned to make this happen.

Very excited about this spring’s Silent Clowns season. Bruce Lawton has put together a great lineup of programs.

Okay. I’m out of energy/time for now. Will continue to write about shows that happened in Dec and Jan and of things coming up.

See you at the silents!

Ben Model
silent film accompanist

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