The Silent Comedy Watch Party – ep #20 – August 2, 2020

Episode #20 of The Silent Comedy Watch Party will stream live on Sunday August 2, 2020 at 3 pm EDT. Co-hosts Steve Massa will introduce and Ben Model will live-accompany shorts starring Cliff Bowes, Jack Duffy and Charley Chase.

The Silent Comedy Watch Party is presented for free, on YouTube.

Films scheduled for this episode:

PEP UP (1929) – starring Cliff Bowes, with Adrienne Dore, Marshall Ruth, Billy Dale, Emily Gerdes; dir. Francis J. Martin; photo. William Hyer; rel. February 24, 1929 by Jack White Comedies; dist. Educational Pictures; one reel; presented from a tinted 16mm Kodascope print; special thanks to Robert Arkus.

LOVE’S YOUNG SCREAM (1928) – starring Jack Duffy, with Anne Cornwall, Jimmie Harrison, William Blaisdell, Glen Cavender, James Donnelly, Billy Engle; dir. William Watson; st. Sig Herzig; rel. May 12, 1928 by Christie Comedies; dist. Paramount Pictures; originally two reels; presented in a digital reconstruction from HD scans of two slightly abridged 16mm prints; released on DVD by Undercrank Productions on Accidentally Preserved Vol. 3 (2018); available on Amazon

FLUTTERING HEARTS (1927) -starring Charley Chase, with Martha Sleeper, Oliver Hardy, William Burress, Eugene Pallette, Charlie Hall, Dick Gilbert, Kay Delys, May Wallace, Jack Gavin; dir. James Parrott; rel. June 19, 1927 by the Hal Roach Studio; dist. Pathé Exchange; two reels.

Time Zone info:

  • Pacific Time – 12 noon
  • Mountain Time – 1 pm
  • Central Time – 2 pm
  • Eastern Time – 3 pm
  • Argentina/Nova Scotia – 4 pm 
  • UK/England – 8 pm
  • Europe/Scandinavia/Netherlands et al. – 9 pm (21:00)
  • Eastern Australia – 3 am Monday
  • Western Australia – 6 am Monday
  • Japan (Tokyo) – 4am Monday

Where to watch the show:

The stream will go live on YouTube about 5-10 minutes before the show’s start time at 3:00 pm EDT on Sunday, August 2, 2020. Click the image below to go to Ben Model’s YouTube channel where you can subscribe and get an email notification about the stream link.

The Silent Comedy Watch Party episode 20
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Mentioned on episode 20:

Ben Model & Steve Massa’s “cabin fever” recommendations:

  • Laurel and Hardy: The Definitive Restorations (Kit Parker Films, 2020); available on Amazon
  • Krazy: George Herriman, A Life in Black and White by Michael Tisserand (Harper, 2016; available on Amazon and at other booksellers.
  • Chaplin: His Life and Art by David Robinson (Penguin, 1985): available on Amazon

Links to shows and resources:

  • The Edward Everett Horton DVD Kickstarter – ends on Aug 17th.
  • The Rockefeller Center Flag Project – Aug 1-16 – NYC, at Rockefeller Center – look for Marlene Weisman’s flag “New York Tough” at the corner of W. 49th St and 6th Ave (at Radio City Music Hal).
  • Aug 8 at 7:30 EDT – Buster Keaton in Three Ages (1923) – live-streamed & live-accompanied – presented by the Cleveland Institute of Arts’s Cinematheque, as a 34th anniversary online event – click here to purchase tickets ($10 gen. admission, $7 for CIA members and anyone under 25)
  • Aug 12 at 7:00 EDT – Ernst Lubitsch’s Lady Windermere’s Fan (1925) live-streamed & live-accompanied – presented by the Cinema Arts Centre.

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Eric Schultz

This will definitely be a great show. Fluttering Hearts is my favorite Chase films with Hardy. You and Steve Massa always put together a good presentation, and I like both of your commentaries.

Ben Model

Thanks so much! “Fluttering Hearts” is one of my top picks of the Chase silents…plus it’s got Martha Sleeper!

Eric Schultz

Oh, yes, she and Eugene Pallette help make it a top-notch Chase film. The best part for me, though, is when Charley entices Mr. Hardy with the dept. store mannequin. They really did their scenes together well.

Eric Schultz

Thank you, Steve, for recommending the new L&H set, “The Definitive Restorations” on today’s show. There are probably some people out there who didn’t know about it yet, so it is nice that you brought it to the viewers’ attention. You and Ben always have interesting comments and good recommendations for books and DVDs.

Ben Model

I’m so glad you appreciated this. I haven’t picked up the new L&H box yet, but Steve (and everyone else) has said lots of great things about it.

Alex H. Telfer

We really enjoyed ” Loves Young Scream ” ( 1928 ) very much because it had a real free and easy timing to it. It gave the film a bit of an older, lost in the ether feel to it. When you combine that with the chases and near misses, it left me with a feeling of being under the cameraman parasol and up on their stand watching the action unfold. Maybe from an extreme distance show I was watching the unfocused shenanigans happening at the old jail. Dispute the condition of the film , it is the hazy warm… Read more »