The Silent Comedy Watch Party – ep #17 – July 12, 2020

Episode #17 of The Silent Comedy Watch Party will stream live on Sunday July 12, 2020 at 3 pm EDT. Co-hosts Steve Massa will introduce and Ben Model will live-accompany shorts starring Stan Laurel, Ham & Bud, and Charlie Chaplin.

The Silent Comedy Watch Party is presented for free, on YouTube.

Films scheduled for this episode:

ORANGES AND LEMONS (1923) – starring Stan Laurel, with Katherine Grant, Eddie Baker, George Rowe, Martin Wolfkeil, Owen Evans, Sammy Brooks, Fay Wray; dir. George Jeske; photo. Frank Young; rel. August 12, 1923 by Hal Roach Comedies; dist. Pathé Exchanges; 1 reel; presented courtesy of Serge Bromberg and Lobster Films; released on the DVD The Stan Laurel Collection (2004); available on Amazon.  

THE BATHTUB BANDIT (1917) – starring Ham & Bud (Lloyd Hamilton & Bud Duncan), with Robert N. Bradbury, Juanita Sponsler, John Steppling; dir. Al Santell; rel. October 31, 1917 by the Kalem Film Company; dist. General Film Co.; 1 reel; presented in a 2K scan from a 35mm nitrate negative preserved by the Library of Congress.

THE RINK (1916) – starring Charlie Chaplin, with Edna Purviance, Eric Campbell, James T. Kelly, Henry Bergman, Frank J. Coleman, Albert Austin, John Rand, Charlotte Mineau, Leota Bryan, Lloyd Bacon; dir & writ. Charles Chaplin; photo. Roland Totheroh & George Zalibra; rel. December 11, 1916 by the Lone Star Film Corporation; dis. Mutual Film Corp.; 2 reels; presented courtesy of Serge Bromberg and the Blackhawk Films Collection; new digital restoration available on the Chaplin’s Mutual Comedies DVD/Blu-ray box set available on Amazon

Time Zone info:

  • Pacific Time – 12 noon
  • Mountain Time – 1 pm
  • Central Time – 2 pm
  • Eastern Time – 3 pm
  • Argentina/Nova Scotia – 4 pm 
  • UK/England – 8 pm
  • Europe/Scandinavia/Netherlands et al. – 9 pm (21:00)
  • Eastern Australia – 3 am Monday
  • Western Australia – 6 am Monday
  • Japan (Tokyo) – 4am Monday

Where to watch the show:

The stream will go live on YouTube about 5-10 minutes before the show’s start time at 3:00 pm EDT on Sunday, July 12, 2020. Click the image below to go to Ben Model’s YouTube channel where you can subscribe and get an email notification about the stream link.

Our logo and graphic design is by Marlene Weisman.

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The Silent Comedy Watch Party is presented free of charge. If you’d like to make a contribution to support the show, you may do so securely online:

  • one-time donation on Square – or, if you do not have or do not wish to use a credit card, you can use PayPal. For Venmo, search for “@undercrank”
  • donate automatically each time we do a live-stream – sign up on Patreon.
  • if you prefer to mail a check, please contact us for the address

Mentioned on episode 17:

Ben Model & Steve Massa’s “cabin fever” recommendations:

  • W. C. Fields: A Biography by James Curtis (Back Stage Books, 2004); available on Amazon
  • Dave Glass’ Reel Comedies YouTube channel.
  • Live-stream of Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid (1921) on Weds, July 15 at 7pm — free or pay-what-you-wish, but you must register here.
  • Episode 38 of The Silent Film Music Podcast with Ben Model can be streamed on most podcast platforms and on the episode’s show page here.

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  • click here for The Silent Comedy Watch Party main web page for show info and links to previous episodes’ pages.
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Michael Schlesinger

Thanks for showing BATHTUB BANDIT–hadn’t seen it before. Pretty tame by H&B standards, but still very funny.

Now–isn’t it long past time Undercrank availed itself of all those lovely LoC preservations and gave us a Ham & Bud collection? If you do a Kickstarter, I’ll happily contribute!