The Silent Comedy Watch Party – ep #04

Episode #04 of The Silent Comedy Watch Party will stream live on Sunday April 12, 2020 at 3pm EDT. Co-hosts Steve Massa will introduce and Ben Model will live-accompany shorts starring Arthur Lake, John Bunny and Charley Chase.

The Silent Comedy Watch Party is presented for free, on YouTube.

Charley Chase in DOG SHY
Charley Chase and “Buddy” shake and let bygones be bygones in the closing shot from DOG SHY (1926), directed by Leo McCarey

Films scheduled for this episode

WHOSE FATHER? (1929) – starring Arthur Lake Cliff Bowes; with Gertrude Messenger, Glen Cavender; dir. Edward I. Luddy; rel. 1929 by Universal; 1 reel. Survival status: 16mm print in the collection of Shane Fleming; presented here with permission. Film is available on the DVD Accidentally Preserved: Volume 3 from Undercrank Productions.

TANGLED TANGOISTS (1914) – starring John Bunny and Flora Finch; dir. George D. Baker; rel. April 24, 1914 by the Vitagraph Company of America; 1 reel. This edition preserved by the EYE Filmmuseum (Netherlands), from a 35mm original print in the Jean Desmet Collection. Presented here courtesy of the EYE Filmmuseum; film is also viewable (mute and without subtitles) on the archive’s YouTube channel.

DOG SHY (1926) – starring Charley Chase; with Mildred June, Stuart Holmes, Josephine Crowell, William Orlamond and “Buddy”; dir. Leo McCarey; prod. by Hal Roach; rel. April 4, 1926 by Pathé. Presented here courtesy of Milestone Films from their DVD set Cut to the Chase.

Time Zone info:

  • Pacific Time – 12 noon
  • Mountain Time – 1pm
  • Central Time – 2pm
  • Eastern Time – 3pm
  • Argentina Time – 4pm 
  • UK/England – 8pm
  • Europe/Scandinavia et al – 9pm (21:00)
  • Eastern Australia – 3am Monday
  • Western Australia – 6am Monday
  • Japan (Tokyo) – 4am Monday

Watch episode #04

The stream will go live on YouTube about 10 minutes before the show’s start time at 3:00pm EDT on Sunday, April 12, 2020. Click the image below to go to Ben Model’s YouTube channel where you can subscribe and get an email notification about the stream link.

Support the show

The Silent Comedy Watch Party is presented free of charge. If you’d like to make a contribution to support the show, you may do so securely online:

  • just for today’s episode on Square – or, if you do not have or do not wish to use a credit card, you can use PayPal.
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Stay informed

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Mentioned on the Show

Steve Massa’s “Cabin Fever” recommendations:

  • John Bunny: Film’s First King of Comedy – DVD produced and released by Tony Susnick; contains Tony’s documentary about John Bunny, as well as 4 John Bunny Vitagraph comedies in new scans from 35mm preservations by the Library of Congress, with piano scores by Ben Model – available on Amazon
  • The Gag Man: Clyde Bruckman and the Birth of Film Comedy, by Matthew Dessem (Critical Press, 2015) – available on Amazon for Kindle
  • Chaplin’s Vintage Year: The History of the Mutual Chaplin Specials, by Michael Hayde (BearManor Media, 2016) – available on Amazon in multiple formats

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