William S. Hart in “Three Word Brand”

Turns out I have a few silent films on hard drives here that I’ve never published or released. While looking for, oh heck I don’t even remember what it was, I came across a William S. Hart western I’d scored years ago.

There aren’t a lot of good versions of William S. Hart films available on DVD, and it’s a shame as he’s really good. I’m a big fan of Hart’s and always up for sharing one of his films.

William S. Hart in Three Word Brand

So, here is the video I scored in 2014 and didn’t do anything with of his 1921 film Three Word Brand. It was done in standard definition on an analog telecine from a 16mm by a friend of mine. It appears to be a 5-reel edition of this 7-reel film, but it still holds up nicely.

I’m providing this gratis on my YouTube channel, and if you’d like to support my doing the score and the upload by throwing a buck into my hat, you can do so easily and securely here.

Thanks. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this William S. Hart film. Please consider supporting my scoring this and uploading it for you by clicking here.
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