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ReelclassicDVD now accepts online orders!

ReelclassicDVD now accepts orders online with payments by credit card or PayPal. Up to now orders had to be placed by emailing or phoning in your CC info, but the company’s just upgraded their website so customers can buy directly over the website and pay securely online as well.

ReelclassicDVD has released many rare silents over the last few years. I’ve been scoring for Mark Roth’s fine DVD-R label from the beginning some years back. Unlike most of the other DVD-R labels, Mark’s initiative has always been to release silents with new scores from us accompanists, rather than create a pastiche of music from instrumental recordings. He’s put out a lot of great stuff that is too small-potatoes for Kino to spend time on but are important enough for us silent film fans to want to have in our collections.

Click here to check out ReelclassicDVD’s long list of releases.

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