plunging into fall 2010

Back from vacash, and hit the ground running. Prepping for travel to Tromsø, played for Diary of a Lost Girl (first time I used theatre organ since June!) at the C.A.C., book flights to Boise and Massillon, and had to print out and ship out a concert band score for the Hong Kong Wind Ensemble, all while trying unpack (Vermont) and repack (Norway).

I’d been contacted by Dr. Thomas E. Verrier, of the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, a few weeks ago about the Hong Kong program. The HKWE is a youth wind ensemble, and Dr. Verrier works with them for an event or two every year. They’ll be performing my Chaplin “Adventurer” score for band on Nov 7, so if you’re in Tsuen Wan, go to the Tsuen Wan Town Hall at 3pm.

Am looking forward to returning to Tromsø. “Stumfilmdager” (“Silent Film Days”) is a nice festival, and like the Cinesation in Massillon OH (end of Sept) it seems a little more relaxed and informal than a high-profile do like Pordenone or even Cinefest. Plus both festivals are held entirely at cinemas built in 1915, so every show has that warm, vintage feel of seeing a silent film in a space it would’ve been shown in when it was released. There’s really something special about watching a film that way, because you’re seeing the film as well as the proscenium, walls, ceiling and atmosphere people saw and felt when they saw these films.

Will try to concoct a way to more easily and conveniently do video-blog entries with the flip cam. I don’t have the patience usually to bring the footage into iMovie and edit, even though it’s relatively simple. I may need to find someone to help me out with these so they get done.

Now, where’d I put that USA-to-Europe a.c. adapter plug…?

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