Newsday’s video on Cinema Arts Center’s “Anything But Silent” series

Newsday sent a videographer, as well as a reporter and a (still) photographer to last night’s show.  The video piece is up on the Newsday website, and I’m posting/embedding it here.  We show silent film once a month, always on 35mm and always with theatre organ accompaniment.  In 2011 we presented: Picadilly, Why Worry, Battleship Potemkin, Chicago, Her Night of Romance, slapstick rarities from Library of Congress, The Freshman, Sand, Strike, October, Upstream and Seven Chances.  This is my sixth year doing the “Anything But Silent” series at the C.A.C., and I’m looking forward to our 2012 series!
(yes, I know…they misspelled my name, and also misspelled “Manhattan” as “Glen Coove”…and the videographer asked me to spell my name out on camera for him!)

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