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last minute prep for Donnell show

July 1: Took a little time this afternoon to take a second glance at the screener of De Luxe Annie with Norma Talmadge, which I’m accompanying tomorrow at the Donnell Media Center auditorium. The show is part of the “Meet the Music Makers” series curated by Joe Yransky (the “Y” is silent, FYI) which is on every Weds this month.

Still ruminating on the film’s plot’s dramatic elements, letting them hover in my consciousness; watching the tape again close to the show – since I had the time – helped refresh my memory about sudden twists in plot, certain subtle elements in the story, and about where the 4 minute hunk of decomp is.

I’ve also made up program inserts that have my summer schedule on one side and promo info for on the back. Will bring the copy of American Slapstick 2 that I got in the mail the other day to wave around at the show and plug.

Booked 6 shows for the fall today, and another possible one for February. Will post more about these as they get closer.

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