Jonathan Law High School visit & flyer

Visited Jonathan Law High School yesterday, attending a morning rehearsal of the school’s chamber ensemble – 20-25 piece concert band – as well as the two AP History classes who are studying the silent film era and making presentations at the concert on June 13. Was impressed with the shape the band was in with the score, and with the amount of homework and prep that conductor Paul Marino had already done. They ran the film on video and played along with it during the rehearsal and actually got ahead of it a few times…which is a much better place to be than behind…and Mr. Marino really knew where the music fit the film. The kids did a great job and I think they’re in great shape for a performance that’s 10 days away.

Turns out one of the other pieces they’ll be playing is “Pacifica” by Carl Strommen…who was my band conductor at Mamaroneck high School.

The AP History students taught by Dr. Ralph Barbiero – whose brainchild this project was – have watched Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Immigrant, Modern Times and the Attenborough biopic Chaplin with Robert Downey, Jr. Their program booklet and powerpoint slide presentation is well researched, and some of the topics the kids covered are things like the life/careers of Edna Purviance, Henry Bergman and Eric Campbell. To print out the flyer for the show to put on your fridge…click on the image above for an enlarged version.

Have just received my work discs for the 12 comedy shorts I’ll be scoring for AllDay’s next silent film project and need to get crackin’ on these . Should be a great set…more details once David Kalat has officially announced what the project is.

See you at the silents!

Ben Model
silent film accompanist/historian

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