ep. 41: Live-Scoring for the Virtual Cinema (part 2)

“Live-Scoring for the Virtual Cinema” – in part two of this conversation, Ben Model discusses what it’s been like to accompany silent films throughout 2021 via live-streams he’s produced and presented out of his home. Ben and co-host Kerr Lockhart discuss: the differences for Ben between the creative mindsets of scoring a silent film while performing in a theater, when recording a score and when hosting a live-stream; the reasons Ben prefers live-scoring a stream to pre-recording the music; thinking of the home viewer as the audience, and more.

Episode 41 Show Notes:

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Blaine Gale

My silent film live accompanying on the Organ Loft’s 5M36R Wurlitzer responds to audience reactions. The same film for 2 to 4 nights in a row needs to fit each different audience’s sounds. May your imagination of audience reactions gain the inspiration you need! My 40+ years at the Loft formed my habitual dependence on audience reactions!