ep. 40: Live-Scoring for the Virtual Cinema (part 1)

“Live-Scoring for the Virtual Cinema” – in part one of this conversation, Ben Model discusses what it’s been like to accompany silent films throughout 2021 via live-streams he’s produced and presented out of his home. Ben and co-host Kerr Lockhart discuss: the differences for Ben between the creative mindsets of scoring a silent film while performing in a theater, when recording a score and when hosting a live-stream; the reasons Ben prefers live-scoring a stream to pre-recording the music; accompanying Keystone comedies so they work and entertain better; playing the audience into the film, in the virtual realm, and more. Part two of this conversation will be posted next month.

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Randy Skretvedt

This was very interesting indeed, and anyone who likes Jonathan and Darlene Edwards is a pal of mine. Thanks, Ben and Kerr!


Thank you very much for the podcast, I was beginning to think they were going the way of the buffalo. I do like the format of both you and Kerr on audio. Hope to hear more in the not so distant future. I’m one of those dinosaurs that still use an mp3 player!
Ohhh…and a question…where can I find podcast #1-9? It seems I can only find podcasts here starting at #10. Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks again,


Thanks for the reply but I’m unable to read anything past “You’re not the first to… “. When I try and click “Read more” of your response above, nothing happens, does this on my desktop and my phone. Oh well, if you can find a way to make those podcasts available anyway possible )I can d-load files), please let me know, thanks.