ep. 04 (re-posted): “Accidentally Preserved” Kickstarter, getting clues from film intros, return to Boise

This is a re-posting “flashback” of episode 4, originally posted on January 14, 2013. Welcome – Playing the organ at the Library of Congress theater – My Kickstarter project to release rare/lost silents on DVD and YouTube – Live performance: Raymond Griffith in “You’d Be Surprised” at Silent Clowns – Listening to a film’s spoken intro can give clues for a score – Thoughts on scoring “Oliver Twist”, W.C. Fields in “It’s the Old Army Game” and Larry Semon in “The Wizard of Oz” – Live performance: “Oliver Twist” at MoMA – Upcoming performances and orchestral scores in Boise – Closing

Somewhere back in 2017 when I absorbed my blog and podcast into my website, episodes 1-8 of the podcast became unexplainably unavailable. Some listeners have inquired about getting to hear these early shows from 2012-2015 and the easiest thing for me to do (tech-wise) was to re-post them. Here’s episode 4!

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