Edgar Jones in “Border River” (1919)

I have just scored and uploaded to YouTube a 16mm print I picked up on eBay a year (or so) ago, called Border River (1919) starring and directed by Edgar Jones, who made dozens of films — mainly westerns — throughout the teens and early twenties. There are no FIAF holdings on this title, and this show-at-home print, probably made in the ’40s on Dupont stock, may be the only existing print. Probably most notable about the film is the love interest role played by a 20-year-old Evelyn Brent; this was her 16th film according to her IMDB listing.

This is my third “direct-to-YouTube” release. In the past few months I’ve scored and uploaded my Kodascope or show-at-home prints of Neely Edwards in The Little Pest (1926) and Lige Conley in Fast and Furious (1924).

Because the film runs around 24 mins at 21 fps, I had to break it up into three sections for YouTube, which you can watch here, below. I’ve uploaded the film in “HQ” mode, so if you’ve got a good internet connection and video card you can watch it in better quality. The three sections are embedded here as a playlist, so when part 1 ends part 2 will follow, etc. Enjoy!

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