“De Luxe Annie” – audio clip

July 2 – De Luxe Annie at the Donnell Media Center went well today. We had around 175 people and the film went over really well. Piano sounded great; they have a nice Steinway D, which is moving to the Bruno Walter auditorium after the Donnell closes. My talk may have been shorter than I’d anticipated but most of the people in the audience knew me and my work already so there weren’t a lot of questions. I dedicated my performance to Joe Yransky, who’s done so much to keep silent film part of the library’s collection both in 16mm and on video.

Here’s a brief sample of my score, which I recorded with my minidisc recorder at the show today:


Need to take a look at those Kirsanov silents, Menilmontant and Brumes d’automne, which I’m to accompany at Bard on Sunday evening…
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