Keaton’s “Go West” live-streamed

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting and live-scoring Keaton’s Go West (1925) for the Cinema Arts Centre via live-stream last night! Our monthly series will continue online for the remainder of 2021, and possibly longer even after the CAC resumes in-person screenings.

We do a live Q&A with viewers after the movie and ask people to let us know where they’re watching from when they post a Q in the chat. What’s been unique about this format is that viewers participate with tidbits they Google up and in real time share links. My answering a question about locations included a tip of the hat to John Bengtson’s book and blogs, and less than a minute later a viewer posted a link to John’s blog in the chat. A similar thing happened when another viewer asked about the “smile” sequence and “The Virginian”.

We had viewers from around the USA and Canada and UK, and at least two of the live comments were from viewers letting us know they were watching with their kids…who loved the film. Kudos to Dylan Skolnick, CAC co-director, who dove right in on the concept when we launched the The Silent Comedy Watch Party as a way to continue offering silent films with live music to people during the pandemic. We’ll see you online next month for Bebe Daniels in Feel My Pulse (1928)!

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A terrific live event – a highlight of the week for me!