Boise day 3 – evening

Well, the Musical Movies event was a big success. We had a great crowd, the orchestra sounded great, Dr. Saunders kept the group in synch with both films, and the Arbuckle film Love went over big time, as did the sound of the theatre organ. After the audience was greeted by local TV channel 7 (ABC) meteorologist Rick Lantz, Dr. Saunders (in top hat and tails below) spoke about the orchestra and their upcoming comcerts, and then turned the program over to me. I did my usual Robert Osbourne thing, introducing each film and giving some points of interest about each. In my intro for One Week I gave a thumbnail sketch of Keaton’s career beginnings and the link to Roscoe. Nice to see that Nell Shipman got a nice round of applause just on mention of her name.

After the Keaton and Shipman shorts, I talked a little more about Roscoe (no mention of the scandal…why bother?) and his work as a filmmaker/comedian, then hopped onto the organ bench and did a brief explano-demo of the instrument, then we went into the film. Always nice to see an Arbuckle short go over like gangbusters on an untested audience. The crowd really enjoyed the organ as well.

The show was a success — Zane, Destiny and the rest of the Egyptian crew did a great job making the show go smoothly and professionally. [BTW, they do have 35mm and even 16mm capabilities there, and show a lot of first run films.] Pictured below are – L to R – Dr. David Saunders (conductor), me, and Rick Lantz.
Friday’s sched is a little lighter (don’t have to start till 12noon, and only playing for two films, one at noon (The Trail of the North Wind, 1924) and at the big evening event at 7pm (The Grub Stake, 1922). No spoken intros, just me and the Robert Morton…and Ms. Shipman onscreen.
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