Boise day 2

6:45am – here I am just after doing a live TV segment on KIVI channel 6’s “Good Morning Live”with Melissa Paul. Just made it in time, thanks to snowfall and fog etc. Then I was whisked off to…

KBOI radio. We did 5-6 mins talking about what I do and what the TVYS will be doing on Thurs night. Show is simulcast on teevee. Next up? Drive-thru breakfast and back on the road to Nampa for —

South Middle School. A gymna-torium with a couple hundred sixth graders, a digital keyboard, me and Buster Keaton in One Week. Big hit. Kids loved the film, and the show really got me pumped.

After that I was at the College of Idaho, doing a lunch roundtable with music composition students and then a one hour talk/demo (with BK One Week again) for a music history class. All went well. Talked up the Miditzer. Done yet? Nope, off to the Egyptian theatre for some getting acquainted time on the Robert Morton theatre organ:

Took a little bit to get my sea-legs on this, but everything clicked and I had a great time. After rehearsal, off to dinner at a local restaurant, then to the TVYS rehearsal. Hadn’t heard my orch score ot One Week in a couple years (although I use the themes from it when I accompany it) and hadn’t heard the Shipman Light on Lookout since I finished it, and certainly not with live musicians. The students are doing a great job, and the school group shows at the Egyptian tom’w should be great.

Afterward, before heading back for shuteye, I had a nice surprise on the marquee of the theater:

Tomorrow’s gonna be another long day, but luckily I don’t have to perform at the school shows in the A.M (9:30, 10:30 and 11:30), just talk a little. I play at the evening program.

More to report tomorrow!

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Donald Sosin

Sounds like a great event out there! How did things go at Simons Rock, hope you had a good crowd…Watch out for those drive-through breakfasts…BestDonald