Another happy customer

Over the weekend, someone bought and downloaded my piano score MP3 that synchs with the Kino DVD/VHS of Sherlock Jr. with Buster Keaton. I opened my virtual mailbag this morning to find this kind note:

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your making the “Sherlock Jr.” piano score available. I watched this film for the first time this past weekend and was driven to distraction by the self-indulgent, too-clever-by-half Club Foot Orchestra score that seems to be the standard on every available release of this film. I purchased your alternate score, watched the film again, and enjoyed it a great deal.
— Michael W., in Oklahoma

If you haven’t already, visit to check out the alternate scores I have listed there. I’ve been too busy to record more lately, but hope to do so when (if?) things slow down. I have read much by silent film fans about scores by Maria Newman on a few DVD’s of Pickford films that could use an alternate track.

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