Ben Model LoC organ

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BEN MODEL has recorded his original scores for dozens of DVD and BluRay releases on both piano and theatre organ.

Charlie Chaplin's THE KID - Criterion Collection - 25 min extra: A Study in Undercranking

Undercrank Productions is Ben Model's DVD label, showcasing rare silent films in new releases starring stars such as Baby Peggy, Marcel Perez, Musty Suffer, and more.

Notable among the many releases scored for Kino Lorber are Sherlock Holmes starring John Barrymore, Edison: The Invention of the Movies, Buster Keaton in The Saphead and The Ultimate Shorts Collection, Harry Houdini in Haldane of the Secret Service, and Fritz Lang's The Spiders.

Indie label ReelclassicDVD's silent releases list included many discs scored by Ben Model, including Our Gang silent films, Norma Talmadge in The Forbidden City, and a deluxe edition of Phantom of the Opera.

scored for Kino Lorber

  • The Saphead - with Buster Keaton - ultimate edition DVD/BluRay
  • The Spiders - dir. Fritz Lang - DVD/BluRay
  • The Devil's Needle - scores for bonus shorts
  • Sherlock Holmes - with John Barrymore - DVD/BluRay, plus TCM airings
  • ...list still under compilation...

scored for Undercrank Productions

  • Accidentally Preserved: volume 1 - various comedians in rare/lost short films
  • Accidentally Preserved: volume 2 - various comedians in rare/lost short films
  • Accidentally Preserved: volume 3 - various comedians in rare/lost short films
  • The Family Secret - with Baby Peggy - plus Miles of Smiles and Circus Clowns; also aired on TCM
  • The Marcel Perez Collection - award winner at Cinema Ritrovato
  • The Mishaps of Musty Suffer - with Harry Watson, Jr. (2 volumes)
  • The Crackerjack - with Johnny Hines
  • Flying Luck - with Monty Banks
  • "Found at Mostly Lost" - rare shorts preserved by Library of Congress, identified at the annual Mostly Lost workshop

scored for Reelclassic DVD

Quality transfers in standard-def from excellent 16mm prints, many of which are from the Bob Lee (Essex Film Club) archive; additionally, the 5 volumes of Our Gang silents are the best quality and most complete editions available, many of the titles are sources from rare collector prints.

  • His People - with Joseph Schildkraut
  • The Forbidden City - with Norma Talmadge
  • The Our Gang Collection: volume 1 - Derby Day, Big Business, Monkey Business, War Feathers, Love My Dog
  • The Our Gang Collection: volume 2 - The Sundown Limited, Shootin' Injuns, Good Cheer, Shivering Spooks, The Fourth Alarm
  • The Our Gang Collection: volume 3 - Back Stage, The Buccaneers, It's a Bear, High Society, The Mysterious Mystery
  • The Our Gang Collection: volume 4 - Fire Fighters, The Champeen, Lodge Night, Sunday Calm, Uncle Tom's Uncle
  • The Our Gang Collection: volume 5 - Telling Whoppers, Seeing the World, Ten Years Old, Baby Brother, The Smile Wins
  • The Phantom of the Opera - Lon Chaney - Supreme Collector's edition (4 discs)
  • The Birth of a Nation - Dir. D.W. Griffith
  • The Americano - with Douglas Fairbanks
  • How Molly Malone Made Good (1915) - with Marguerite Clark
  • The Silent Man - with William S. Hart
  • Ella Cinders - with Colleen Moore
  • The Nickel Hopper and Raggedy Rose - with Mabel Normand
  • My Boy - with Jackie Coogan
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame - with Lon Chaney
  • The Headless Horseman - with Will Rogers
  • Grandma's Boy - with Harold Lloyd
  • A Festival of Silent Comedy: volume 1 - Charley Chase in April Fool, Charlie Chaplin in Caught in the Rain, Al Christie comedy Reckless Rosie, Stan Laurel in Smithy, Snub Pollard in Sold at Auction, Our Gang in War Feathers
  • A Festival of Silent Comedy: volume 2 - Harold Lloyd in Luke's Movie Muddle, A Ton of Fun in Heavy Love, Stan Laurel in The Soilers, Roscoe Arbuckle in He Did and He Didn't, Eddie Boland in The Non-Skid Kid, Our Gang in Shootin' Injuns
  • A Festival of Silent Comedy: volume 3 - Ford Sterling and Mabel Normand in Muddled in Mud, Buster Keaton in Cops, kids gang comedy Wild Puppies, Stan Laurel in Oranges and Lemons, Charley Chase in Bromo and Juliet, Our Gang in The Buccaneers
  • A Festival of Silent Comedy: volume 4 - Billy Bevan in Lizzies of the Field, Charley Chase in Forgotten Sweeties, Harold Lloyd in Pay Your Dues, Max Davidson in Why Girls Say No, Jack Duffy in Uppercuts, Our Gang in Monkey Business
  • A Festival of Silent Comedy: volume 5 - Charlie Chaplin in Laughing Gas, W.C. Fields in Pool Sharks, Larry Semon in Golf, OurGang in The Big Town, Billy Bevan in Hoboken to Hollywood, Bray comedy Beauty and the Bump
  • A Festival of Silent Comedy: volume 6 - John Bunny in A Cure for Pokeritis, Monty Banks in A Bedroom Scandal, Larry Semon in The Bakery, Will Rogers in The Ropin' Fool, Our Gang in Dogs of War, Mickey McGuire (a/k/a Mickey Rooney) in Mickey in School